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How to Book Alfonso's Catering

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Booking a caterer is not that complicated.

Booking a caterer sounds so daunting but it shouldn't be. It can be as quick as a single phone call.

For the fastest booking, preferably, you have an idea of the following:

1. type of catering: lunch/dinner meal, breakfast, cocktail, etc.

2. tentative date

3. location

4. number of pax

5. budget

The phone call/chat inquiry and what happens after:

1. State your requirements/items above and request for a menu quotation.

2. Quotation sent to client for approval.

2.1 Quotation approved

2.2 Client makes changes, additional requests for caterer's approval.

3. Mutual agreement is met. Caterer sends conforme for final client signing.

4. Client makes downpayment.

5. Wait for event. Celebrate event.

6. Pay balance on event date.

*Food tasting and food alteration is permitted provided catering event meets a minimum amount.

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