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Party DIYs

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

If you ever want to cut costs and make your even more personalized, try these do it yourself activities; some of which you can involve your friends that makes for a fun Titas (or Titos) of Manila weekend!

1. Party Invitations

Don't know calligraphy or Photoshop or too frustrated with Word formatting customization? Here's a lifesaver: CANVA

It's totally free. They have a huge selection of curated customized templates for almost every print format imaginable. Search for "invitations" and take your pick. Download your final invitation, print on cheap card stock, cut to the appropriate size, distribute, and people will be amazed how fancy your invites are.

2. Customized Giveaways

Now that you're introduced to Canva, there are so many ways to personalize giveaways just with a fancy label.

a. cactus - stick a personalized thank you note

b. candy bottles - print a thank you note on sticker paper

c. loot bag - stuff a bunch of candy or what have you in a paperbag, stick a nice canva made label on the outside and voila. It's clean, simple, and fancy.

d. cookies + paperbag - see above

3. Divisoria shopping day. Nuff said.

4. Your old/new best friend: Pinterest

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