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Rustic Party Themes

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

To give you a jumpstart with your party brainstorming, here are some themes that might help you in your event planning. Take them, leave them, modify them, it's all up to you. These are just to help you get your creative juices pumping.


The rustic theme is a favorite. This is the when in doubt theme go to when you don't want your guests to be bogged down with the formality that usually entails big day events. Rustic keeps this casual and comfortable but classy (and more importantly, AFFORDABLE) which is why a lot of celebrants and our couples opt for this. What's better is that it serves as a great base for theme offshoots for more particular themes such as whimsical, romantic, vintage, bohemian, and the like. First and foremost, the theme rustic is characterized by a an outdoor setting. You have the landscape working as your biggest design element. And since it's nature, it's almost impossible to get this wrong. Add in the floral and leaf elements...LOTS of leaves and LOTS of burlap and other natural elements. Throw in woodsy design elements on your buffet table or your backdrop. Add in the fairy lights. This theme also allows for your caterer to include more comfort food food items in the array: Grilled cheese sandwiches, fries, and other Friday, Saturday night food.

floral centerpiece on top of books
whimsical floral centerpiece


Think bright splashes of color on a neutral background with blush and earthy tones and soft linen. With this, you can incorporate the inner child in you while keeping it classy and mature. You can also bring out the colorful balloons if you wish! Think Up. This theme keeps your affair casual, playful while injecting a smidge of elegance.

Romantic Wedding Theme Party


This cleaner modification of rustic is stylized with pink and soft hues. This is a more feminine rustic style with more flowers and pinkish and pastel tones. Have your tables set with pinkish to white floral arrangements and you can replace the burlap with soft shimmering neutral tone cloths.


Vintage is a pretty loose term. It can be characterized with dark blue and brown hues but also timeless elements such as brass, chrome, pearls, etc. What's most important about vintage is foreseeing how your guests will understand the word "vintage". What is vintage for them? It may be old Hollywood or like old world with lots of faded maps. Anything old, tattered, yellowed...

Popcorn stand in a garden wedding reception
Popcorn stand, game booths, and the like make your event so much more memorable


Carnival is sort of like whimsical, kicked up a notch. More color, more childish, but still keeping that rustic, neutral base. Also, you have to have that bright red curtain that epitomizes the carnival. This is a good theme to use if you want more activity among guests as opposed to the typical stage and host entertainment. Set up games, booths, pet pens, etc. This is where your imagination can go wild.

Hung dreamcatchers in a rustic setting
Dreamcatchers are a must in every bohemian event.


Bohemian is very on the ground comfort. It's more foliage, less floral arrangement and leans toward the orange spectrum color palette. A true bohemian themed event includes floor cushions in place of chairs, oriental rugs, and dream catchers.

That's it for now! Just remember, there are no rules, so think of these as a thought guide. Remember, the goal is to have an experience and an end result that will be memorable not just for your guests, but YOU the celebrant and bring honor to the occasion.

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